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20 July 2010 @ 02:09 pm
Writer's Block: What I'm Reading This Summer.  
Which summer read will be in your beach bag?

I used to read so much..and now I don't. Normally, I'd prolly have like a bunch of books to read and have them all finished in a week. *sigh*

Not anymore.

But whatever, on to the point at hand. I plan on finishing some of the books on my shelf. Most of them have been there since my 14th birthday (and I'm now 15 xD) and are still unread. They just keep piling up! D:
I'm currently reading Journey to A Revolution, but if I were to go somewhere I'd bring my lighter read, Vampire Academy. I really hope it's good and not utter crap like the Mortal Instruments trilogy was. *shudders at the thought of it*
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